Attested:  ND Virosido

Where:  Probably the Roman fort at Bainbridge SD937901, near where the river Bain feeds into the river Ure.

Name origin:  The –sido part is (as R&S pointed out) suggestive of a ‘seat’: compare Latin sido ‘to sit, to settle’, or OE sess ‘seat’, or the second elements of Welsh gorsedd ‘throne, community’ and of English counties such as Somerset.  Other early names that possibly contain this element are near striking hills, for which the obvious suggestion here is Addlebrough hill fort, just 2.3 km away and very visible.  The Viro- part could have many meanings, as discussed here, but perhaps the best parallel is Latin vir, from PIE *wiro- ‘man’.

Notes:  Presumably it is mere coincidence that Virosidum is ‘weir-side’ to natural rock shelves in the river Bain.  Was Addlebrough Hill a “seat” because of its shape, or because a local chieftain's hillfort was on top?

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Last Edited: 2 October 2017