Attested:  AI iter 2 Voreda;  RC Beredainscription V#R#D

Where:  Roman fort at Old Penrith, at NY493384, beside the river Petterill and the Roman road (now the A6) through Cumbria towards Carlisle.

Name origin:  Latin veredus ‘courier’s horse’.  That word survives as Welsh gorwydd ‘horse’ and as palfrey (from paraveredus).  The –red- part is from PIE *reidh- ‘to ride’, with the Vo- part usually explained as from PIE *upo- ‘up from under’ via Celtic, upon the theory that veredus was a loan-word from Gaulish into Latin.  However, initial Vor-/Ber- may also come from PIE *per- ‘to lead, pass over’.

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Last Edited: 14 June 2016