Ad Taum

AttestedAd taum xxii is the customary reading of a name at the damaged edge of the Peutinger Map, but close inspection of that part shows that the letter m is very odd..

Where:  This site is generally equated with Venta Icenorum, the tribal centre beside the river Tas, at Caistor St Edmund, TG230035, south of Norwich, which is 22 Roman miles from Ixworth, as explained by David Ratledge here.

Name origin:  Many river names begin with Ta-, as discussed for Tamesis, with the idea of an Indo-European root *ta- ‘to flow’ being popular.

Notes:  Ekwall (1928) though the river name Tas might be a back-formation from Tasburgh, where there is a large fort of uncertain age.  His suggested parallel in medieval Celtic is unconvincing, but an “Old European” name, similar to Tay or Taw, remains plausible.

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