Attested:  Pliny 4,16 reeled off a list of Britain's lesser islands, including Mona, Monapia, Riginia, Vectis, Silumnus, and Andros, which were inter Hiberniam ac Britanniam ‘between Ireland and Britain’.

Where:  Bardsey Island, off the Lleyn Peninsula of north-west Wales, was suggested by William Camden in about 1600, and is often repeated, but really there is no strong reason why it could not be a dozen other islands (Lundy, Skomer, Caldey, Ramsey, Walney, etc).  Possibly more likely is Εδρου or Αδρου island of Ptolemy (discussed under Ireland), which was probably Lambay island, near the large headland fort at Drumanagh, north of Dublin.

Name origin:  Greek ανδρος was the genitive of ανηρ ‘man’ and Andros was an important Greek island.  If that was distorted from εδρα that would fit Lambay.

NotesVectis between Britain and Ireland!!?  Did Pliny make a mistake or was *vectis a generic term for an offshore island?

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