AttestedBannaventa on iter 2, Isannavantia on iter 6 , and Bannavantio on iter 8 of the Antonine Itinerary

Where:  Roman settlement at Whilton Lodge, at SP611645, on Watling Street, near Daventry.  Presumably this was named (like a modern motorway service station) from the nearby hill-fort, plus Roman villa and barrow cemetery on Borough Hill.

Name origin:  See here about Bann- and here about Venta.

Notes:  This area is the central watershed of England, with the river Nene flowing east to The Wash and the North Sea, and the river Leam flowing west towards the Warwickshire Avon and the Severn estuary.  The hill-fort sits in a classic position to control a major prehistoric trade route, from metal-rich south western Britain towards metal-hungry and amber-rich Scandinavia.  A strong candidate for the site of Boudicca’s last battle is 7 km away, at Church Stowe, SP624575, while 2 km away around SP63046529 lies a possible Roman camp.

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