AttestedBegesse at position 194

Where:  Probably the fort at Castlecary NS7897378259 on the Antonine Wall.

Name Origin:  Approximate meaning = ‘sitting on the bend’.  For Beg- compare German biegen ‘to bend, turn corner’, English bow and bight, Irish bacc ‘angle, corner’, Latin beccus ‘beak’ and baculum ‘walking stick’.  The -esse part might come from PIE es- ‘to sit ’, which is conceivably present also in Manduesedo and Melezo.

Notes:  This linguistic analysis works well in Basque, appropriate to the Varduli troops stationed at Castlecary.  Compare Bigorre and eseri ‘to sit ’.  Even encroachment by canal, railway, and motorway has not destroyed the fundamentals of Castlecary fort's location on a hook of raised land.

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