AttestedBolvelaunio at position 31 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Glastonbury, Somerset, whose Tor at ST51223862 sticks up from what used to be almost an island surrounded by marshes.  The post-Roman monastery there was a major landlord and energetic land manager in an area where much land reclamation from marshes took place in Roman times.

Name originBol- occurs in many later place names with a sense of ‘rounded hill’, from PIE *bhel- ‘rounded object’, as in ball, bole and bowl, and probably in Vindobala on Hadrian's Wall.  About *vellaunus see Velunia.

Notes:  The possibility that Bol- meant ‘bowl’, referring to the Somerset Levels, cannot be excluded.  See here for a general discussion of Somerset's ancient names.

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