AttestedFanococidi at position 155 in the Ravenna Cosmography

WhereBewcastle Roman fort at NY56557460 (north of Hadrian's Wall) where 6 out of the 28 known inscriptions to Cocidius were found.

Name OriginFanum ‘shrine’ of a god *Cocidius, whose name has been explained as based on words for ‘red’ in several languages, including Welsh coch, derived from κοκκος, the insect gall from which a red dye was extracted.  However, known physical representations of Cocidius are a better fit to Germanic words such as Old English cocer ‘sword, spear, quiver,’ or Middle English cocken ‘to fight’.

Notes: For a map of Cocidius inscriptions see Charlton and Mitcheson (1983).  deo vernostono cocidio on an inscription has acquired a dodgy translation based on a guess that verno- was Celtic for ‘alder’.  It makes better sense to note that ver- is a common prefix, notably in German like English fore-, and that νοστος meant ‘homeward journey’.

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