AttestedIaciodulma at position 95 in the Ravenna Cosmography, listed between St Albans and Lichfield.

Where:  Somewhere in the Midlands, on or near Watling Street.  It is tempting, but probably wrong, to suggest that Iaciodulma is a corruption of Lactodorum.

Name Origin:  Apparently a compound of Latin iaceo ‘to lie dead’ plus θυλημα ‘offering to the gods’ (whose etymology is uncertain, but may perhaps be related to Old English dwolma ‘chaos, gulf’).  This might fit the Battle of Watling Street, between the Romans and Boudicca's rebels, either as a some kind of memorial to the many thousands who died or else referring to all their corpses.

Notes:  The battle's location has never been found, but Pegg has suggested a good candidate at Church Stowe.

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Last edited 12 March 2020
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