AttestedIntraum at position 256 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  From its position in the Cosmography's list of harbour estuaries, Intraum must be the mouth of the river Tees, around NZ5527.  Any early harbour there would have been well inland, because the estuary originally had vast banks of sand, but no Roman fort has yet been identified closer to the sea than Piercebridge, though a Roman villa has been excavated at Ingleby Barwick outside Middlesbrough.

Name origin:  Obviously Intraum begins like Latin intra ‘on the inside’.  The –um seems too short to be a real second part of a name, but it does hint at umeo ‘to be moist’.

Notes:  An ancient inland waterway, whose course was worked out by Selkirk, linked the river Tees with the river Wear via the river Skerne and a series of lakes that are now dry, rather like a northern counterpart of the waterway that linked Cambridge with Lincoln.

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