AttestedIuctius at position 247 in the Ravenna Cosmography among the sequence of harbour estuaries

Where:  Possibly near Aberystwyth.  For more about that location see Στουκκια.

Name origin:  Most likely related to Latin iuxtim ‘next to, close by’, from iungo ‘to join’, past participle iunctus/junctus.  This could fit the three river valleys that reach the sea close together near there, rather like *navar-.

Notes:  The Cosmography's tour of harbour estuaries places Iuctius somewhere on the Welsh coast between Swansea and Caernarfon, but the argument for Aberystwyth (rather than Carmarthen, Milford Haven, Cardigan, Aberdovey, Barmouth, or Penrhydeudrath) is not very strong.  Even weaker is the argument that Iuctius was an intermediate stage in an evolution from Στουκκια to Ystwyth.

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