AttestedMargiduno on itinera 6 and 8 of the Antonine Itinerary.

WhereEast Bridgford, Nottingham, Roman town and possible fort on the Fosse Way, at SK700416.

Name originMargi- probably came from Latin margo ‘edge, border’, related to march (borderland), Irish mruig, Welsh bro, etc, from PIE *merg-.  Rivet & Smith were sceptical and preferred to suggest a link to marga ‘marl’, which may be reasonable for the good agricultural soil in an area that is generally flat and unremarkable.  See also about dunum.

Notes:  This site is in a natural borderland because of the way that the river Trent and the Fens make Lincolnshire almost into an island.  Ptolemy mentioned the Κοριτανοι as a single people with πολεις at Lincoln and Leicester but that may just mean they shared a lifestyle rather than being politically united.  This site lay close to borders of the post-Roman kingdoms of Mercia and of Lindsey, and is even now at the meeting point of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire.

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