AttestedIn Oceano vero occidentali est insula quae dicitur Britannia, ubi olim gens Saxonum veniens ab antiqua Saxonia cum principe suo nomine Ansehis modo habitare videtur in the Ravenna Cosmography here.  So around AD 700 the Saxon people who formerly came from old Saxony with their leader called Ansehis were now observed to live in Britain.

WhereAschiltorp in Domesday Book is modern Haisthorpe, near Bridlington, east Yorkshire, among other locations associated with fighting with Horsa.

Name origin*Ans- ‘god’ was a common element in Germanic personal names, such as Anselm and Oswald.  See also Aesica.

Notes:  Most historians regard Ansehis as a purely mythical figure, somehow related to Hengist.

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