AttestedADDEDOMAROS is the spelling most often quoted for a name on some British coins.  No photograph posted online visibly confirms that spelling, but one French coin clearly shows ASIIDOMARO, one inscription found in south central France clearly shows AΘΘEDOMARI, while another inscription found in Slovenia shows ASSEDOMARI.

Where:  The prevailing consensus is that Addedomarus issued coins between 35 and 5 BC, from the territory of the Trinobantes and/or the Catuvellauni, as a successor to Cassivellaunus

Name origin:  A compound of *ad-sedo (attested in Latin as assideo ‘to sit beside, to take care of’) and *maros ‘great’ discussed under Tincomarus.  Possibly relevant is Latin essedum ‘two-wheeled war chariot’ as used in Gaul, from in plus sedeo ‘to sit’).  The consonant known as Tau Gallicum has been much discussed by linguists (notably Evans, 1967:410-420).  It probably sounded in the range DZ to TS (like modern German Z or Russian Ц) and because it had no exact equivalent in Latin speech it got written in many different ways in ancient names.

Notes:  Exactly what this name meant is debatable.  Was he great in holding onto territory?  Or in looking after his people?  Or was he a co-ruler or regent?  Or a great charioteer?

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