Attested:  EPATICV or shorter abbreviations on coins, as listed here.

WhereEpaticus (it is not obvious why this name is commonly spelled with CC not one C) appears to have been a son of Tasciovanus (and therefore a brother of Cunobelinus) with a base at Calleva (Silchester).

Name origin:  Like most names beginning with Ep-, Epaticus is usually explained with *epos, precursor of Welsh ebol ‘colt, foal’ and descendant of PIE *ekwo- ‘horse’.  A more exact parallel is hepaticus ‘of the liver’, which was just a Latinisation of Greek ἡπατικος.

Notes:  Coins of Epaticus look very Roman, possibly suggesting he was educated in Rome, so the Latin etymology needs to be taken seriously.  How might liver be relevant to the name of a king?  Was he ‘liver-coloured’ – dark-skinned or born with jaundice?  Or was he a priest specialising in reading omens from the liver?

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