Attested:  EPPILLVS and various abbreviations on coins, as listed here.

Where:  CALLEV, REX CALLE, etc on some coins suggests a mint at Calleva (Silchester).  Another mint was probably in Kent.  COMMI F suggests that Eppillus was a son of Commius, in a dynasty of the Atrebates.

Name originEppillus possibly meant ‘little horse’, being a diminutive of *epos, precursor of Welsh ebol ‘colt, foal’ and descendant of PIE *ekwo- ‘horse’.

Notes:  Some ancient Ep- names are most likely related to Greek επι ‘upon’ or επος ‘word, song’.  The linguistic environment in which KW changed to P was not exclusively Celtic, as shown, for example, by Greek ἱππος ‘horse’.

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Last Edited: 11 June 2017