Attested:  Tacitus (Annals 14,31) described Prasutagus as king of the Iceni.  This probably matches part of the coin legend SUB ESUPRASTO / ESICO FECIT (Briggs, 2011).

WhereIceni territory is generally deduced from coin finds to be modern Norfolk, plus parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Name origin:  Briggs reckoned that Esuprasto meant essentially ‘high priest of Esus’, where prast- was influenced by, if not directly loaned from, Latin.  Then Tacitus' ending -tagus resembles Greek ταγος ‘commander, ruler’.

Notes:  The Iceni were probably in maritime contact with Gaul and therefore exposed to Greek and then Latin culture well before the big bust-up of the Boudicca rebellion.

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