Attested:  RC Alithacenon (or Alitacenon)

Where:  Redshaw Burn Roman fortlet at NT03001398.  Located by its position in the whole sequence of names across SW Scotland listed by RC

Name origin:  Pure Greek αληθης ‘unconcealed’ (literally ‘not oblivion’) plus κενος ‘empty’ (an element also seen in Iuliocenon and Κενιωνος).

Notes: Evidently this was known to the Romans as a rather isolated place.  Margary commented that as the Roman road leaves the gentle farmland of Annandale and heads away from the Solway over a watershed, whose high point is on Errickstane Hill near this fortlet, towards the Clyde, it “traverses wild moorland”.

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Last Edited: 20 July 2016