Attested:  ND Tribunus cohortis primae Hispanorum, Axeloduno

Where:  Several Roman forts could reasonably be described as in the “armpit” under the left shoulder of Hadrian's Wall.  The large Roman fort at Blennerhasset, Cumbria, at NY190413, beside the river Ellen would be a good candidate.

Name origin:  A Vulgar Latin word *axella ‘armpit’ is the presumed origin of Italian ascella, French aiselle, etc.  Its only known mention in classical Latin is by Cicero (as axilla with vowel I) where he discussed its relationship to ala ‘shoulder, wing’.  Plus of course dunum ‘fort’.

Notes:  R&S guessed, probably wrongly, that Axeloduno shoud be emended to Uxeloduno, because Axelo- is not “a good Celtic form”.

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Last Edited: 6 January 2018