Attested:  ND Tribunus cohortis primae Hispanorum, Axeloduno

Where:  The Roman fort at Bowness, Cumbria, NY22276270, at the west end of Hadrian’s Wall.  Although also allocated to Maia, this location clearly fits ND’s last fort per lineam valli.

Name origin:  The dunum ‘fort’ at the *axilla ‘shoulder’, mentioned by Cicero as the origin of Latin ala ‘shoulder, wing’, presumably a diminutive of axis ‘turning point, hinge’.  Highly appropriate to this location, where the coast ceases to face the Solway estuary and starts curving around to face the Irish Sea.

Notes:  R&S (p221) discussed this name carefully, but ended up (largely because Axelo- is not “a good Celtic form”) making an unnecessary guess that Axeloduno should be emended to Uxeloduno.

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