AttestedCaluvio seems like the best spelling to take from the juxtaposed handwritten lower-case letters in RC's 3 manuscripts, as discussed here.

Where:  Probably Lancaster Roman fort at SD47356200, based on the way that RC lists it while heading north from Manchester towards Kendal.  This accepts the broad thrust of the argument by Shotter (1998), but overrules his preference to put Galacum at Lancaster and Caluvio at Burrow-in-Lonsdale.

Name OriginCal- probably came from PIE *kolə-mo- ‘reed’ via Latin calamus or Greek καλαμος, because much modern farmland in the floodplain of the river Lune would formerly have been a sea of reeds.  The ending -uvio looks like one more instance of the *uba/*oba ‘water, river’ element discussed here.

Notes:  It was tempting, but ultimately unconvincing, to accept the spelling Calunio and relate it to the modern river name Lune.

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