AttestedCaluvio seems like the best spelling to take from RC's 3 manuscripts, whose relevant parts are shown under galluvio, where two juxtaposed handwritten lower-case letters look fractionally more likely to be uu (= uv in modern handwriting) than to be un.

Where:  Uncertain.  Perhaps on the river Kent, well before it reaches Morecambe Bay, at some unidentified site near Hincaster and Levens Bridge, SD495852.  This is the next river over from the Leven on which Galluvio may lie south of Windermere and be the same as AI's Galava. That woukd make Caluvio the same as or close to IA's Alone, number 9 of the places called Alauna or similar.

Name OriginCal- has many potential origins, including PIE *kal- ‘hard’, *kal- ‘beautiful’, *kal- ‘cup’, *gal- ‘to call’, and *kel- ‘hill’.  The ending -uvio looks like one more instance of the *uba/*oba ‘water, river’ element discussed here.

Notes:  Still very uncertain, but better than previous guesswork!.

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