Attested:  Diodorus Siculus  Ικτιν;  Pliny Mictim

Where:  A tidal island off south-west Britain from which tin was traded towards Gaul.  St Michael’s Mount is the obvious candidate, but there are others, including Looe Island, Mount Batten, and Burgh Island.

Name origin:  As explained under Vectis, the deep meaning of OE wic and its many relatives was something like ‘outlying’.  So a name like *ϝικτις could be a reasonable way to describe any near-offshore island, which would lose its initial W sound in Greek to yield the observed Ικτιν (in the accusative) and to be mangled into Mictim.  An ancient shipwrecked cargo of tin was found by rocks just along the coast from Burgh Island.

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Last Edited: 1 August 2016