Attested:  RC Lopocarium

Where:  North of Hadrian’s Wall, possibly near Wolf Hole at NU093033 in the Rothbury Forest, Northumberland, on the Devil’s Causeway Roman road out of Corbridge.

Name Origin:  Lopocarium begins like Latin lupus ‘wolf’, but with a vowel O paralleled in Romano-British personal names such as Lovernianus.  The –carium part might derive from PIE *kar- ‘hard’, referring to rocks, but it also resembles the word carr ‘bog’, said to come from Norse, appropriate for terrain close to Wolf Hole.

Notes:  Wolves were common in Northumberland, to the point where they were still being actively persecuted in the 1300s.  There is no justification in RC manuscripts for joining the preceding name, Corie, with Lopocarium in a single name.

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Last Edited: 25 May 2016