Attested:  (1) Ptolemy 2,3,28 Νοιομαγος, a πολις of the Ρηγνοι;  RC Navimago regentium
   (2) RC Noviomagno.  (3)  AI iter 2 Noviomago

Where:  (1) Chichester Roman civitas capital at SU854044.
(2)  Old Sarum hillfort at SU 13773267 (often misdescribed as *Sorviodunum).
(3)  West Wickham Roman settlement (Cook and McCarthy 1933; Philp 2002), south of London by the source of the river Ravensbourne, at about TQ379649, located by AI's mileage figures.

Name OriginNoviomagus was a common name throughout the Roman Empire.  France alone has 3 definite and 12 probable instances.  The Novio- part naturally means ‘new’, but is confusable with *navis ‘river, while the -magus part naturally meant something like ‘power place, administrative centre’, from PIE *magh- ‘to have power’.

Notes:  TP's name fragment MADUS was probably not one of these places.  See Caesaromagus for more discussion of -magus.

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