Attested:  RC Pexa

Where:  Probably Camelon Roman fort at NS86308097, near Falkirk, listed by RC as part of the Antonine Wall, at the limit of easy navigation up the river Carron from the Forth estuary.

Name OriginPexa could also be the past participle plural of Latin pecto ‘to comb’, cognate with πεκω ‘to shear’, suggesting sheep farming.  And there has been speculation about Picts.  However, the best possibility is a P/D confusion, so the name was really *Dexa, from Latin dextra ‘on the right’, implying that this fort was the Romans’ supply base on their right during the initial advance into Scotland.

Notes:  The name Camelon may descend from *camulus ‘low hill’ discussed under Camulodunum.

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Last Edited: 9 August 2016