Attested:  RC Tagea

Where:  Probably the Roman fort at Ardoch, at NN839099, by the river Knaik, near Braco, Perthshire, with several surrounding camps.  Described by Woolliscroft and Hoffmann (2006:90-7).

Name originTagea matches Greek ταγεια ‘the office of ταγος commander or ruler’.  Ταγεω ‘to be ruler’, from PIE *deuk- ‘to lead’ also shows up in early personal names such as Prasutagus.  There seems to be no Celtic cognate but OE -toga ‘leader’ showed up in compounds such as Heretoga Ďarmy commanderí, cognate with Herzog.

Notes:  All name-to-place allocations are a bit uncertain in this area where there are multiple Roman sites.  Ardoch has some of the most impressive surviving ramparts around any Roman fort in the Empire, suitable for a major command post, but their survival might be just an accident of history.

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