Attested:  RC Tagea

Where:  Probably the Roman fort at Doune, Perthshire, NN72730130, on a hill above the river Teith, where it controls one of the key strategic routes into northern Scotland.

Name originTagea invites comparison with Greek ταγος ‘commander, ruler’ and ταγεω ‘to be ruler’, from PIE *deuk- ‘to lead’.  This element also shows up in early personal names such as Prasutagus and Togodumnus, and in OE -toga ‘leader’, seen in compounds such as Heretoga ‘army commander’, cognate with Herzog.

Notes:  Doune Castle is mediaeval, but it seems reasonable to guess that it was also a local chieftain's base in Roman times.

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Last Edited: 31 August 2016