Attested:  RC Ugueste

Where:  Probably the Roman fort at Cargill, Perthshire, NO166379, by the confluence of the rivers Isla and Tay.

Name Origin:  This name has caused much puzzlement and may be corrupted.  R&S likened it to the deity Ucuetis attested on a Gaulish inscription found at Alesia, of uncertain meaning.  One possible parallel to Ugueste is hygiene, descended via Greek from PIE *aiw- ‘vitality, life force’, which might conceivably give a sense of ‘safe and sound’ to this location.  Alternatively, Ugueste might be corrupted from Augusta, a title attached to several legions (including Legio II Augusta, which served in Scotland, though probably after Agricola’s campaigns) and to many important Roman towns and bases throughout the Empire.

Notes:  Just 5 km away was the fortress at Inchtutil, possibly known as Ugrulentum.  Inchtutil was apparently intended to be a major Roman power centre, but it was dismantled after events elsewhere in the Empire caused plans for the conquest of Scotland to be abandoned.

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