Attested:  RC Ugrulentum

Where:  Probably the Roman fortress at Inchtutil, Perthshire, centered at NO12513971, which was the lynch-pin of Roman military power north of the Antonine Wall.

Name origin:  A compound of ὑγρος ‘wet’ (like hygro-) and Latin lentus ‘viscous, slow’, describing the fort’s situation, on a platform beside the river Tay, with a lot of extra protection from boggy ground.

Notes:  Inchtutil's archaeology is unusually complete, but around here a series of names in RC need to be matched with a series of Roman sites, and a small change in assumptions could lead to a ripple of changes in name-to-place assignments along the Highland edge.  The arguments in favour of Bograndium and Ugueste as high-status names suitable for a big fortress do not (at present) prevail.

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Last Edited: 30 September 2016