Attested:  RC Vinion

Where:  An island off the west of Scotland.  Possibly Lady Isle, at NS274292, off Troon, Ayrshire, in the outer Firth of Clyde, which is tiny and now uninhabited.  This is a weak guess, based on a rough idea of how and where RC listed islands, plus the huge importance to early navigators of being able to recognise landmarks on the approach to the Clyde. 

Name origin:  Possibly related to PIE *wen- ‘to love’ and to Ptolemy’s Ουινδογαρα κολπος, Irvine Bay.

Notes:  Possible parallels include Guinnion fort — one of Arthur’s battle sites mentioned in the Historia Brittonum — or the Roman consul Vinius, mentioned by Tacitus.

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Last Edited: 11 June 2016