AttestedApaunaris at position 20 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  In south Devon, possibly around Torbay

Name OriginApaunaris has no certain translation.  It begins like PIE *apo- ‘off, away’, the root of Greek απο-, Latin ab-, English off, etc, but with AU in place of O.  It ends like Latin naris ‘nostril’ (from PIE *nas- ‘nose’, with the S-to-R change most commonly seen in Latin), which might fit the great semicircle of Torbay, flanked by Hope's Nose and Berry Head.  Also possibly relevant are Greek απονεω ‘to unload’ and Latin apo ‘to fasten’.  Suggestions from Celtic specialists involve implausible amendments to name spellings.  Greek αποναρκομαι ‘to become torpid’ might fit sunnbathers on the “English Riviera”!

Notes:  The Cosmography's list of names from 17 to 22 Termonin, Mestevia, Milidunum, Apaunaris, Masona, and Alovergium (followed by a big jump inland) all have no really certain translation.  Possible parallels from classical languages, plus the possible presence of the Sarna estuary and of the Ικτιν/Mictim trading post there, all point towards the South Hams area of Devon, which is curiously devoid of Roman or megalithic archaeology, despite its probable involvement in ancient trade (notably of tin from Dartmoor) across to Britanny. 

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