Attested:  RC Coantia

Where:  Located by its position in the Cosmography's list of significant harbour estuaries as probably the estuary of the river Kent in Cumbria, flowing from the Roman fort of Medibogdo at Watercrook, near Kendal.  However, Galava in the the Itinerary and Galluvio in the Cosmography were somewhere in this area too, most likely on the river Leven that drains Windermere, so perhaps a Roman fort or naval base has been lost to the sands of Morecambe Bay.

Name originCoantia can be naively analysed as a compound of the Latin prefix co- ‘together’ plus *antia, from a word similar to Greek αντια ‘opposite’ (feminine), which is seen also in many river names such as Aventio.

Name origin:  R&S pointed out that the modern name Kent looks like a descendant of an earlier form similar to Cunetio, but that is most likely to have arisen from Roman adjustment of river courses upstream at Watercrook.  Maybe therefore Coantia referred to Morecambe Bay more widely, because so many rivers drain into it, discussed here as a series of basins, of the Kent, Leven, Lune, and Wyre.  The Kent itself is boosted by several significant rivers, including the Gilpin, Bela, and Winster.

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