Attested:  RC Coritiotar

Where:  Somewhere in SW Scotland, possibly the harbour at Ballantrae, Ayshire, with the mouth of the river Stinchal at about NX0882, or else inside Loch Ryan.

Name OriginCoritiotar starts like Greek χωρειτω ‘let him receive’ and ends like ταραξη ‘disturbance’, which might perhaps fit a harbour of refuge.

Notes:  Ballantrae has no known Roman camp, but Wilson (1989) discussed possible Roman roads along the coast or up the valley of the river Luce towards it.  See under Celovion about RC's three difficult names matching the only three harbours of south Ayrshire, which explains why this Greek etymology, although not very convincing, outranks other possibilities that have been suggested (e.g. based on Welsh cor ‘host, tribe’) or can be suggested, e.g. based on Latin corium ‘leather’.

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