Attested:  RC Lucotion

Where:  Probably at or near Kirkcudbright, around NX685511, on the grounds that RC lists Lucotion between Uxela (near Caerlaverock) and Corda (Glenlochar), and that Luco- suggests a sandy estuary rather than an inland location such as near Dumfries, Dalbeattie, or Castle Douglas.

Name Origin:  PIE *leuk- ‘light, bright’ seems to have applied to estuaries with lots of sand, including Λουκοπιβια, nearby at Wigtown, but other interpretations of Luc- need to be considered too.

Notes:  There are plenty of sandbanks around the northern coastline of the Solway Firth, and therefore multiple possible locations, but although no Roman installation is known at Kirkcudbright, it is reasonable to guess that an early port existed there.

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Last Edited: 27 December 2016