Attested:  RC Lucotion

WhereGlenlochar fort and camps at NX73516452 beside the river Dee, upstream from Kirkcudbright, and near the hillfort of Carse Moat, on the grounds that RC lists Lucotion between Uxela (near Caerlaverock) and Corda (Kirkcudbright).

Name Origin:  PIE *leuk- ‘light, bright’ seems to have been applied to places with a wide lookout, especially over estuaries with lots of sand, including Λουκοπιβια, nearby at Wigtown.  Modern flood risk maps show that Glenlochar is on a slight ridge of dry land, with a large expanse of flat farmland to the south-west, which might have been semi-permanently flooded in Roman times.

Notes:  Near Glenlochar is a modern barrage across the river Dee, which has created Loch Ken upstream.  The Romans would have needed to build some kind of structure to cross the river, and might have used it to raise the level of the Dee upstream to improve Roman logistics into the hinterland of south-west Scotland.

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