Attested:  RC Lutudaron; LVT, LVTVD, LVTVDARES, etc on lead ingots

Where:  Uncertain.  RC lists Lutudaron between Veratino (probably Warrington) and Derbentione (probably Derby).  Many of the LVT etc lead ingots were found in or near Derbyshire, so it is generally assumed that they were produced in the Peak District, where much lead was mined after Roman times.  No definitely Roman lead mines have yet been identified in that area (Barnatt, 1999), and the long-sought Roman fort in the Carsington-Wirksworth area around SK271542 has not yet been found.

Name origin:  From Latin lutum ‘yellow’ plus do (infinitive dare) ‘to deliver’, because lead oxide (litharge, PbO) produced during cupellation (oxidation of freshly smelted lead to leave its content of silver) is bright yellow.

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Last Edited: 10 September 2016