Attested:  RC Marcotaxon

WhereArdoch Roman fort, at NN839099, by the river Knaik, near Braco, Perthshire, with several surrounding camps.  Described by Woolliscroft and Hoffmann (2006:90-7).  Or possibly another fort in the region, to fit RC’s sequence Cermium-Victorie-Marcotaxon-Tagea-Voran.

Name origin:  R&C and then R&S explained Marcotaxon with PIE *marko- ‘horse’ (whose descendants include mare and Welsh march ‘horse’) and *tag- ‘to set in order’ (whose descendants include tactics and τασσω ‘draw up in battle order’).  However with mons Graupius nearby, one should also consider a purely Latin basis in marcus ‘large hammer’ plus taxo ‘to judge, to reproach’.  Maybe Edward I was not the first Hammer of the Scots!

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