Attested:  RC Melezo

Where:  Somewhere in Dorset near the headwaters of the river Stour.  RC lists Melezo before Ibernio (probably Hod Hill), while coming from the north-west.  One possible candidate location is Fontmell Magna, at ST866169, an ancient village whose initial Font- probably came from Latin fontanus ‘spring’.  The tantalisingly named Bedchester is nearby.

Name origin:  Possibly from PIE *melit- ‘honey’.  Melezo resembles the French word mélèze for a range of tree species that yield sweet sap, like the one used to make maple syrup.

Notes:  Other possible meanings of mel- in place names across Europe include ‘hill’, ‘yellow’, ‘bare’, ‘black’, ‘bowl’, ‘sheep’, ‘apple’, or ‘badger’!

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