Attested:  AI Regno at the end of iter 7, 20 Roman miles from Clausentum.

Where:  Lepe, on the Solent, at the end of Roman road Margary 423, probably by Stone Farm SZ457992 (Clarke, 2003).

Name Origin:  This name has clearly assimilated (as R&S suggested) to Latin regnum ‘kingship, kingdom’, but the location does not really suit a major power centre.  A better fit may be PIE *reig- ‘to reach, to stretch out’, which led to the sailing term reach, meaning to hold a straight course for a while, seen also in Regulbio.

Notes  This analysis leaves unsettled the relationship with RC's Navimago regentium, RC's Raxtomessasenua, and Ptolemy's Ριγνοι people.  More work needed!

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