AttestedBdora in RC's tour of harbour estuaries.

Where:  At the inside end of the Solway Firth, which people and cattle could wade across at low tide, notably at Sandy Wath to Dornock on the northern side, near NY230638.

Name originBi-duro ‘double crossing’, referring to the two main rivers, Esk and Eden, which unite to form the Solway.

Notes:  This analysis rejects the ideas that initial B was a complete scribal error (in accord with the bad argument by R&S that RC's text was badly corrupted) or that Βοδερια/Bodotria, the Forth, was related.  Note also the name Cardurnock, with a tower and milefortlet at the end of the westward extension of Hadrian's Wall beyond Bowness (Maia).

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