AttestedBdora in RC's tour of harbour estuaries.

Where:  Somewhere in the Solway Firth, into which flow multiple rivers to possibly match up with RC's little cluster of harbour estuaries.  People and cattle could wade across the Solway at low tide, notably at Sandy Wath to Dornock on the northern side, near NY230638.  Maybe one of the Roman forts on the south side acted as a significant port: Maia might have been a stores depot and Aballava might have had a significant river inlet back then.  Or maybe RC backtracked on the north side to take in Uxella near Caerlaverock.

Name origin:  See Βοδερια/Bodotria for how the Forth estuary might be a ‘ditch, canal’ of Delamarre (2003:70), which might equally apply to Bdora in the Solway.  This idea slightly outranks taking the initial B as a scribal error (in accord with the generally-wrong argument by R&S that RC's text was badly corrupted) or as a vestige of some other name related to Bowness or to Blawath.  Then dora could be explained as duro ‘crossing’.

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